Hazel English // Love Is Dead

Love Is Dead

I know I just posted about Hazel English a few weeks ago, but she’s shared another song from her forthcoming double EP and I can’t help but share it! Hazel will always have a special place in my heart partly for having one of my favorite songs of 2015 (Never Going Home; I will mention it every time I write about her because I love it so much) and making me feel cool for finding it the day it was released. Since then I don’t think I’ve missed a single release day as she’s remained one of my favorite rising artists for two years now and it’s been such a joy to watch her develop as an artist and grow in popularity. Last week she shared her newest track, Love Is Dead, and it’s immediately become one of my favorites of hers. While her previous track, More Like You (read my write up HERE) felt more like the end of a long summer transitioning to the colder months, Love Is Dead, like her debut, evokes the excitement of possibility and things to come, making its release at the end of April perfect. Despite singing lyrics that could otherwise be depressing, English makes it catchy and upbeat. Listen to Love Is Dead below and look out for her double EP Just Give In/Never Going Home out May 12th!


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