Kudu Blue // Drink Alone

Drink Alone

Kudu Blue are a rising four piece band from the UK who are making R&B-tinged electronic pop. They first started releasing music a while ago with a string of singles including my personal favorite, Vicinity. Kudu Blue combine forward thinking eclectic production with atmospheric synths, all laying the foundation for Clementine Douglas’ powerful vocals to float on top. This has been clearly exemplified on their most recent tracks. After sharing Sugar Lemz earlier this year, they have released another new single, Drink Alone, which sees Kudu Blue at their best. I was sold at the handclap beat that opens the track and it only improves from there as Douglas pleads not to be left on her own. It seems the quartet are ramping up for a debut project, but even if that’s still a ways away, Kudu Blue are quickly being established as an act to watch, so check out Drink Alone below and stay tuned for what’s next!


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