BANKS // Crowded Places

Crowded Places

It’s such a pleasure to watch an artist develop over time. I’m not exactly sure what caused it, but some time during college my music taste had a pretty hard reset and I can group the artists I’ve liked either before or after that point. BANKS was one of the first artists I discovered after my musical rise from the ashes and I’ve been a big fan ever since. Her laid back, unique take on dark R&B immediately grabbed my attention when she only had released an EP back in 2013 and it’s been a joy to observe her evolving sound every since. Since then she has released two albums, Goddess in 2014 and The Altar just this past September. In that time her sound and confidence has grown to the point where The Altar had a very different vibe. After a surprise message posted on Facebook and Twitter just yesterday and no other lead up, BANKS has released a new single, Crowded Spaces. This new track sees a significantly stripped back vocal performance that is beautifully executed. Still present are the atmospheric synths and left of center R&B production from her earlier work, but with the confidence of her more recent releases. It’s a great marriage of the old and new for BANKS and even though it’s not clear if this is a one off track or the ushering in of a new music cycle, it’s a special song that is worth your time. Check it out below!


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