IDER // Nevermind + Does She Even Know

Gut Me Like An Animal

So far I have to say I’m pretty happy with the selections for my Artists to Watch for 2017. At least half of them have released music in the first quarter of this year with a handful sharing full EPs or announcing their debut albums. IDER obviously is fitting into that position as well. In February they released the incredible single, Face On, which served as the lead up to their debut EP, Gut Me Like An Animal, released today. In addition to Face On, the EP includes two full length new tracks and a shorter outro. In the past I’ve always selected a single song to cover, but I found that to be impossible with this EP and have decided to share two. Nevermind picks up where Face On left off, with pulsating, industrial synths throughout laying the groundwork for IDER’s ominous harmonies and lyrics. It sees them at their most confident yet. After Nevermind, the smoke clears to reveal the gorgeous Does She Even Know, produced by my favorite artist of 2016, Shura. This is her first time producing for another artist, and I must say, that’s a shame because this is truly beautiful. Gone are the dissonant and mechanical sounds of the previous songs, here replaced by atmospheric production and haunting harmonies. The diversity of music displaced on such a short EP is extremely impressive and makes me even more excited to see what IDER will do with a larger body of work. Do yourself a favor and check out Nevermind and Does She Even Know below!


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