Mura Masa // 1 Night (feat. Charli XCX)

1 Night

Mura Masa does an incredible job of walking the line between being a forward thinking producer and still maintaining commercial viability. Mura Masa has established a signature sound on his previous releases and has shown himself to be extremely adept at choosing his collaborators, which include Nao, Shura, A$AP Rocky, and Bonzai. His latest single, 1 Night, has him working with Charli XCX, a duo I wasn’t sure about until I heard the final product. Charli’s pop sensibilities pair beautifully with Mura Masa’s tropical production to make for something totally unique and truly special. This is the kind of music I wish was playing on the radio. With the name recognition attached to the song, I’m hopeful this allows for Mura Masa and this track to get the attention they deserve.  Be on the look out for Mura Masa’s debut album, To Fall Out of Love To, coming later this year and check out 1 Night below!


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