courtship. // Sail Away

Sail Away

courtship. are a rising duo who have not been my radar for long but have already made a big impact on my playlists. They first made waves with the release of their debut single, Stop for Nothing, introducing the world to their carefree indie pop sound. I was immediately hooked by their addicting guitar riffs and catchy melodies. courtship. continued their trend of great music with second single, Love for Everyone which is also absolutely worth your time. I found them sometime after the release of these two singles and I have been listening to them ever since. Luckily for me I didn’t have to wait long for new music, as they released their third single, Sail Away, last week and I think it’s my favorite one yet. Opening up with an irresistible handclap beat before adding in deep synths and their characteristic guitars, Sail Away is different enough from their previous releases that is remains fresh but is still undeniably courtship. It’s very impressive to have formed a sonic aesthetic as strong as theirs after just three releases. Do yourself a favor and check out Sail Away below!



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