Clean Cut Kid // Leaving You Behind


Clean Cut Kid were #4 of my Artists to Watch for 2017 and they are definitely showing why this week. They have just announced the release of their debut album, FELT, for April 28th, one of the first of my Artists to Watch to announce an album. It can’t come soon enough! Along with the album announcement, Clean Cut Kid have shared their new single, Leaving You Behind, and it’s one you’re going to want to check out. When I wrote about them in January, I mentioned that some of my favorite things about the band were Mike and Evelyn’s vocals and harmonies as well as extremely catchy melodies. Those are all present here in spades here to make for what might be my favorite track of theirs to date. It continues their signature sonic aesthetic while also developing it further. A welcome surprise is how central Evelyn’s vocals are. I’m a sucker for male/female lead vocals so this track is definitely a winner. Make sure to check it out below or click HERE for the video, and stay tuned for their album coming next month!


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