Niki & The Dove // Sushi King


I love Niki & The Dove. I first heard them after the release of their debut album, Instinct, back in 2012 and I still consider it one of the best pop albums of of the 2010s and in my opinion is criminally underrated. Everyone should listen to songs like The Fox and DJ, Ease My Mind. Niki & The Dove make music with an obviously large pool of influences that doesn’t sound quite like anything else. Part of that comes from the unique quality of Malin Dahlstöm’s vocals; she has one of my favorite voices in music. After their debut album, they remained relatively quiet, not releasing music until the end of 2015 with Play It On My Radio which marked a significant sonic change that would continue into their second album, Everybody’s Heart Is Broken Now, released in 2016. Due to the wait between first and second albums, I thought it would be quite a while before we heard from them again, but luckily, they’re already back with new single, Sushi King. While the track continues the aesthetic from Everybody’s Heart Is Broken Now, Sushi King is probably their most forward thinking and experimental track to date, both in vocal delivery as well as the production. That being said, it’s still catchy enough to get stuck in your head and you’ll want to keep it on replay. Check out Sushi King below, and if that’s not your thing, give The Fox a try!


3 thoughts on “Niki & The Dove // Sushi King

    1. Hi there! Thanks for reading and glad you liked it! I really love the whole first album, Instinct, but standouts for me would be The Fox, DJ, Ease My Mind, Tomorrow, and The Drummer. If you like Sushi King, you might like their second album more. My favorites from that are Play It On My Radio, So Much It Hurts, Brand New, and Scars for Love. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

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