Bruno Major // Just the Same

Just the Same.jpg

Even though Bruno Major has been releasing a new track every month for a while now, the wait between songs still somehow feels unbearable because of how much I crave new music from him. Every single release has something truly special and deserves attention. Today Bruno Major graces us with his latest, Just the Same. According to his Facebook page, this song was written in early February and recorded the next day. To me that’s a huge testament to his songwriting ability. Just the Same feels polished and would be a stand out track for a lot of artists, yet he wrote and recorded it in two days! Present here are Bruno’s beautiful vocals and harmonies and heart wrenching chord progressions, but he adds in percussion reminiscent of a low key Jack Garratt song. Overall, Just the Same is a gorgeous track and continues to build anticipation for his debut album coming this summer. I feel so justified in making him one of my Artists to Watch for 2017.  Do yourself a favor and check it out below!


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