Sigrid // Don’t Kill My Vibe


I’m a sucker for good Scandi-pop and that’s exactly what brand new Norwegian singer Sigrid is dishing out on her stellar debut single, Don’t Kill My Vibe. In a time where everyone is trying to take their music left of center in order to get recognition, it’s encouraging when someone can create such a solid straightforward pop track. The song starts with Sigrid’s strong vocals gliding over held piano chords and twinkling synths and builds to a full on anthemic chorus that will have just about everyone singing along. She takes a trope that should be tired (the self-empowerment jam) and somehow makes it fresh and new. Despite this being her first release, Don’t Kill My Vibe has absolutely blown up, gaining support from other artists, radio DJs and tastemakers and racking up over 2 million plays on Spotify alone. Sigrid is clearly making a statement that she’s here to stay and I can’t wait to see what she does next. Check out Don’t Kill My Vibe below.


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