IDER // Face On


Unlike yesterday’s artist, I can proudly say I have been following UK duo IDER from the very beginning. I first heard their debut single, Sorry, the day it came out and have been following them for every song released so far; they are definitely one of my current favorite rising acts. Over the course of their first four singles singles released throughout 2016, IDER has tried their hand at several different sounds and have proved themselves to be adept at all of them. New single, Face On, released on Valentine’s Day takes some of the elements from previous releases and combines them for something new altogether. The song starts out with dark synths reminiscent of BANKS but builds into an upbeat full on pop chorus. Consistent across all of IDER’s songs are their great melodies and harmonies, and Face On is not an exception. IDER has never sounded more confident, and with the announcement of their debut EP, Gut Me Like an Animal, being released on March 31st, I’m so excited to see what they do next! Listen to Face On below!


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