Tei Shi // Keep Running


I find it extremely difficult to categorize the sound of Tei Shi as she seems to be constantly evolving as an artist. The first song I heard by her was 2014’s Bassically, which immediately grabbed my attention with its effortlessly cool guitar riffs and sparse production, topped with Tei Shi’s soaring vocals. Sophomore EP, Verde, continued along with her fairly minimalistic aesthetic in the first half of 2015, adding into the mix another one of my favorites, See Me. Since then, she has pretty much been gone but not forgotten, not releasing original new music in the second half of 2015 or 2016. However, it’s been worth the wait, as Tei Shi is back with a vengeance on new single, Keep Running, and the announcement of her debut album, Crawl Space, set for release on March 31st. Keep Running marks a significant change in sound for Tei Shi, adding in atmospheric production to her always solid vocal performance. This is my new definition of a slow burning jam. Tei Shi is an artist that always keeps me guessing and I can’t wait to see the direction she heads in next. Check out Keep Running below!


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