Liv Dawson // Searching


Everything my Artist to Watch Liv Dawson touches seems to be turning into musical gold. She seems so close to super stardom I can almost taste it, and I’m sure she can too. After having a phenomenal breakout year in 2016, Liv Dawson seems ready to top it with new single Searching. Every time she releases a new song, I’m excited, but after I heard the song was produced by Disclosure and co-written with Jimmy Napes, my anticipation was at an all time high, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. As soon as the beat kicked in it had my head bobbing. The song sounds like it would’ve fit perfectly alongside Disclosure’s incredible debut album, Settle, with the excellent vocal performance elevating it even more. Liv Dawson seems so on the cusp of breaking through into the mainstream, and this song seems like the one to do it, especially in the more garage-friendly UK market. With every release, Liv Dawson demonstrates that she is a chameleon; maneuvering easily from genre to genre, while still fully maintaining her individuality, and even though I’m sure to have this track on repeat for a long time, it makes me even more excited for what’s to come! Listen to Searching below.


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