Day Wave // Something Here


I love every song that Jackson Phillips AKA Day Wave puts out and have since I first heard Drag back in 2015. Day Wave definitely has a signature sound, but it’s a very enjoyable one I can listen to all day, combining sun-kissed guitar riffs, bright synths, and subdued vocals. After releasing two stellar EPs, Headcase in 2015 and Hard to Read in 2016, I’ve been itching for Phillips to announce his debut album and he finally has! The Days We Had will be released on Harvest Records on May 5th. To celebrate the announcement, Day Wave has released album opener Something Here. (As a side note, it’s worth pointing out that the album only contains two as of now released songs: Something Here and the excellent previous release, Wasting Time. Lots of new Day Wave is coming!)  The new single serves as a great continuation but also maturation of his sound that will leave fans satisfied and new listeners intrigued. While I can’t wait for the album to drop, I’m sure the first two singles will tide me over for the next few months based on how much I’m already loving them. Take a listen below!


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