Artists to Watch 2017 Summary


Well I finally made it through my Artists to Watch for 2017! I’m excited to have accomplished my first goal for Symbiosis Music and can’t wait to start tackling the next ones. I decided it was worth quickly revisiting the list before diving into new music because this will serve as the core roster of artists I am going to be covering in the coming year. As of now I’m working alone so covering all the music I want to won’t be feasible, so this seems like a good place to start. Not to worry, I already have lots of other artists I’m excited about and you’ll see plenty of them as well.

I’m hoping my Artists to Watch gave you a bit of a taste for what type of music to expect on my blog. As you could probably tell, I have a definite bent towards electronic left-of-center pop music, but I like to think I have a fairly broad appreciation for different types of music. Some people may disagree, but maybe I’ll convince you I do when I start featuring more diverse artists as I get going and some of the genres missing from my list start to make appearances.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s a quick rundown of my Artists to Watch in case you missed any! Click on the name to read my post and listen to their music!

#1. The Japanese House – dense harmonies over beautiful guitars and production
#2. Jadu Heart – transportive music from enigmatic UK duo
#3. Birthday – timeless melodies layered over glitchy modern beats
#4. Clean Cut Kid – catchy vocals and harmonies with fuzzy guitars
#5. Betsy – one in a million voice from a star on the rise
#6. Bruno Major – haunting falsetto over classic instrumentation with a twist
#7. Day Wave – effortlessly cool indie pop
#8. Liv Dawson – diverse pop from an 18 year old prodigy
#9. SG Lewis – smooth R&B jams with incredible features
#10. Skott – left of center pop from Sweden’s latest export
#11. IDER – unique yet accessible pop from rising duo
#12. Michl – gorgeous vocals over minimalistic beats
#13. Hazel English – sun drenched guitars with echoed vocals
#14. RAYE – forward thinking R&B tinged pop
#15. Gordi – folk inspired vocals and melodies mixed with eclectic electronic production
#16. MNEK – incredible vocals over extremely danceable beats
#17. Liss – tropical inspired music from four-piece Danish band
#18. Saya – retro-tinged R&B from rising a Canadian songstress
#19. Demo Taped – unique distinctive production with beautiful vocals
#20. CHINAH – delicate vocals with throwback production from rising Danish trio

Stay tuned for new music posts soon!


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