Artists to Watch 2017 #1: The Japanese House

the-japanese-houseThe Japanese House is definitely my favorite artist currently making music. I’ve never had an artist that I’ve truly loved every song they put out and find myself listening to them constantly even a year plus later. If Symbiosis would’ve started last year as intended, The Japanese House would’ve topped the list of artists to watch and that position has only been solidified throughout 2016. The Japanese House is the solo project of 21-year old Amber Bain named after the vacation home she spent time at growing up. After two stellar EPs released in 2015, Pools to Bathe In and Clean,  Bain followed up with the equally impressive Swim Against The Tide EP in November of 2016. Layering beautiful, dense harmonies over atmospheric synths and guitars with modern beats, no one is making music like her. With three incredible EPs and a spot on the BBC Sound of 2017 List under her belt, The Japanese House is not only my number one artist to watch, but also one of my all time favorites. Expect a live review next month when I finally get the opportunity to see her play in Chicago! Yes, I’m sure it will be worth the 6 hours drive. Check out a few of my favorite songs below, and know it was nearly impossible to only pick three!

Start with:


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