Artists to Watch 2017 #2: Jadu Heart


Jadu Heart are without a doubt my favorite musical discovery of 2016. They roared onto my playlists in April out of nowhere with the release of their excellent debut EP, Wanderflower. It’s hard to believe this was the first taste we had of the duo because of how fully formed and mature their unique sound was right out of the gate.Unlike most artists making music today, Jadu Heart tell a complete sonic narrative through their bodies of work. After taking us through the jungle on Wanderflower, Jadu Heart took us to outer space on the equally great Ezra’s Garden EP released in September.They do an incredible job of blending genres and sounds into something totally new. Because not much is known about Jadu Heart aside from their names being Dina and Faro, I view this as a perfect example of the music speaking for itself. I can’t wait to see what direction they go in next and what 2017 has in store for Jadu Heart. Check out two of my favorite of their songs below! 

Start with: The LoveLate Night


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