Artists to Watch 2017: #5 Betsy


Betsy wins my award for most severely overlooked artist of the 2017 list season. With a one in a million voice, a fully formed unique aesthetic, and a narrative that blogs have been fawning over all year, Betsy has all the potential of a star in the making. Betsy came onto the scene with a quiet roar in the form of her first single, Fair. In another world, Fair could have been the dance anthem of the year, however the restraint shown on the track makes for something even more special, putting her incredible vocals on full display. Following her debut EP released in March, Betsy has followed up with two even better singles in Lost & Found and Wanted More (watch the videos, they’re incredible, and showcase one of my favorite aesthetics of 2016). Despite being overlooked for some of the major artists to watch lists, I’m confident this Wales-native is definitely going places, and I can’t wait to see what they are.

Start with: Lost & Found, Wanted More


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