Artists to Watch 2017 #7: Day Wave

Day Wave.jpeg

Day Wave, the solo project of Jackson Phillips, makes extremely enjoyable lo-fi indie pop. After spending time trying out different sounds including jazz and electropop, Phillips has settled into dreamy guitar-led songs that yearn to be listened to on summer road trips with the windows down. With a strong debut in the form of his Headcase EP in 2015 and a follow up EP, Hard to Read, earlier in 2016 Day Wave is making a strong case for him to be the face of indie pop in the coming year and beyond. After a fairly quiet second half of 2016, Philips released a new song, Wasting Time, in November, hopefully ushering in a cycle of new music. Everything he puts out maintains an effortlessly cool vibe that I can’t get enough of. I can’t wait to see where Day Wave goes in 2017 and I’m sure he’s going to stay one to watch.

Start with: Drag, Wasting Time


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