Artists to Watch 2017 #17: Liss


Danish band Liss has one of my favorite sounds to come out of 2016 due largely to lead singer Søren Holm’s unique vocals as well as their almost tropical sounding instrumentation. Like a few other artists on my list, they do an incredible job of utilizing a retro vibe but making it sound fresh. Although they released a few tracks in 2015, they popped onto my playlists with this year’s Sorry which serves as a great introduction to their sonic aesthetic. Sorry was followed up by their debut EP, First, which is one of the strongest EPs from start to finish I’ve heard in a long time, containing four songs that are all worth listening to over and over again. It was so hard to pick just two to feature here! Liss has since been tipped by DIY Magazine as well as Pigeons & Planes for great things in the coming year, and I definitely agree. I can’t wait to see what they do and how they continue to develop, and hopefully we get even more new music soon! Listen to some of my favorites below!

Start with: Sorry, Miles Apart


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