Artists to Watch 2017 #19: Demo Taped


18-year old Adam Alexander makes beautifully unique music under the name Demo Taped. He first grabbed my attention with the song Not Enough at the beginning of last summer. Game On followed in October, further developing his sound. Combining beautiful melodies with fluttering synths, no one out there is making music quite like him. At the beginning of 2016, Demo Taped collaborated with RKCB on the stand out track Open Arms, with his signature all over the song. After that he kind of slipped off my radar, until he released Stay at the end of the year with another artist to watch, Amber Mark (not on my list, but definitely worth looking into; start here), which quickly brought him right back. It serves as a great expansion of his sound, using some familiar production elements from his previous work but as a slow jam as opposed to the more upbeat feel of some of his other songs. I can’t wait to see what he does in the coming year and I hope you enjoy as much as I do! Listen to a few of my favorite tracks below!

Start with: Not Enough, Stay (feat. Amber Mark)


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