Artists to Watch 2017 #20: CHINAH


Sweden has been an international powerhouse in music for the last several decades, churning out a seemingly never ending stream of stars and establishing itself as the primary Scandinavian exporter of pop. However, trio CHINAH and a rising cohort of Danish musicians seem to be making a case for Denmark taking that crown. I first came across them in 2015 when they released a string of singles, Away From Me, We Go Back, and Minds, introducing the world to their smooth R&B-tinged electropop. Their formula of airy vocals, minimalistic beats, and constantly building synths is one I can’t get enough of. CHINAH does an incredible job of pushing the boundaries of a crowded sonic scene while somehow staying extremely enjoyable and accessible to listen to. The culmination of their early efforts came towards the beginning of 2016 with the release of their debut EP, Once the Lights Are On, adding in one of my personal favorites, Never the Same. With a great new single release in Can’t Remember How It Feels towards the end of the year, I’m hoping they’re ramping up for a cycle of new music in 2017 and I can’t wait! Click below to listen to some of my favorites.

Start with: Minds, Never the Same


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