Introducing Symbiosis Music Blog

At this point every year the idea of starting a blog rears its ugly head during the excitement of analyzing the previous year and looking forward to the one ahead. Last year I made it as far as planning out my first several posts and actually writing half of the first series before I gave up after deciding no one would care to hear about what music I’m listening to. This year, however, I am more excited than ever to start this adventure whether or not anyone is along for the ride.

Throughout my childhood and beyond, music has been one of the single most important and defining aspects of my life, and although it no longer has a formal role in my day to day, it’s still an integral part of who I am. Hence it feels more timely than ever to finally start a blog. Symbiosis describes a mutually beneficial relationship between two things and therefore seems a perfect name for a blog written by someone who can’t imagine life without music. It also has that nice nerdy bent perfect for someone in graduate school for biochemistry.

My goal for this blog is for it simply to be an outlet for me to share music I listen to. A few unlucky friends usually get the brunt of my childlike excitement, but I’m hoping there are maybe a few more people out there who may be interested in the music I enjoy so much. Because this is obviously a side project to the other things going on in my life, I won’t be able to talk about all the music I’d like to, but I am going to try to follow some artists I’m excited about. Expect posts about new songs, albums, and artists I can’t get enough of. Hopefully someone enjoys something I write about as much as I enjoy sharing the music I love. Welcome to Symbiosis Music!


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