Nilüfer Yanya // Tears

in your head

We’re inching ever closer to the release of Nilüfer Yanya‘s debut album, Miss Universe. So far she’s shared two tracks, “Heavyweight Champion Of The Year” and “In Your Head”, two very different, but equally excellent looks at what we can expect. Check them out HERE and HERE if you haven’t yet. Ever since she started releasing music back in 2016, Yanya has been carving out her own lane. There’s no one out there that sounds like her, which is an especially impressive feat considering how many styles she does brilliantly. Yesterday she gave us the clearest example of her ability to try out new things yet with Tears, an upbeat, danceable, synth-heavy track that is, quite frankly, totally unexpected from her. That said, it’s quickly become one of my favorite tracks of the year and makes me even more excited for Miss Universe. March is shaping up to be an absolutely incredible month for music and Yanya is an integral part of that. With more than ten still unheard tracks, I really can’t wait to check out the rest of the album, and luckily we only have to make it to March 22nd. In the meantime, be sure to check out “Tears” and get on board with Nilüfer Yanya.


Bruno Major // Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned

I am so happy that Bruno Major is back. In case you haven’t been around Symbiosis for a long time, Major is one of my absolute favorites and I covered essentially every song on his debut album, A Song For Every Moon, released one track at a time over the course of a year. Since then, we got a Christmas song at the end of 2017 and not much else. Of course, in that time, his profile has risen considerably, now boasting over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. While he certainly doesn’t need support from a tiny little blog like mine anymore, it just wouldn’t feel right to not cover his latest release, Old Fashioned. It’s his first release without the self-inflicted one-month time frame of his previous tracks, with Major saying on Twitter it’s the first time he wouldn’t change anything about one of his songs, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a very low key affair, full of the simple beats, beautiful guitar, and of course Major’s show stopping vocals he’s known for, all coming together to make a gorgeous love song. Bruno Major hasn’t made a misstep in my book and I can’t wait to see what this new release is building to. As a quick aside, I’m so happy to see the same general style is back in his cover art. Even beyond that, it seems to be teasing a new body of work I’m so excited to get my hands on. Be sure to check out “Old Fashioned” below and get on board with Bruno Major ASAP.

SG Lewis // Blue


It’s been over a year now since UK-based producer SG Lewis started releasing his debut album. Upon announcement of the LP, we learned it would be dropped in three phases, Dusk, Dark, and Dawn. With Dusk arriving in April of last year and Dark coming this past November, we’re finally nearing the end, Dawn. Last week SG Lewis gave us our first taste in the form of Blue, a fairly subdued track featuring his own voice. Full of atmospheric synths and mellow vocals, “Blue” is a transportive track reminiscent of acts like Washed Out. Lewis has proven time and time again that he can tackle all kinds of sounds with great success, and “Blue” just continues to put those skills on display. I can’t wait to see what else he’ll have up his sleeve on Dawn, but if it’s anything like the previous two parts, it’s going to be something special. Stay tuned for more information, and be sure to check out “Blue” below in the meantime.



It’s strange how several weeks can pass without any music I’m excited about, only for a slew of artists to release new material at the same time that I love. Almost slipping through the cracks was the latest single from Icelandic artist BRÍET, who topped my list of Artists to Watch 2019. She had an incredible 2018, releasing a long string of impeccable tracks, kicked off by “In Too Deep”, a piece of pop perfection I still listen to consistently (listen HERE). Now she’s back with DINO, another excellent track guaranteed to get you moving along. It takes something really special for me to truly enjoy a song when I can’t understand the words, and “DINO” definitely meets that standard, much like her previous track, “Feimin(n)” (listen HERE). Despite the lyrics being in Icelandic, BRÍET’s beautiful vocals soar on “DINO” and prove exactly why I’m so excited about her prospects this year. I can’t wait to see how’s she going to continue to develop as an artist, and “DINO” is a very promising start to the year. Be sure to check it out below or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify.

Jadu Heart // Purity


Gosh I love Jadu Heart. Ever since they debuted back in 2016 with their EP, Wanderflower, it’s been clear that they’re in a league of their own, with a distinct sound, visual aesthetic, and social media presence. After a relatively quiet 2018, they reemerged in September with their double A-side, The Gloom That Looms, containing “Heroin Song” and “The Cure”, both of which I absolutely loved and the latter of which showed up on my list of Favorite Songs of 2018. Be sure to check them out HERE. Now, after teasing new music for a while, they have shared another single, Purity, and you’re going to want to check it out. It’s a song that reveals itself over time, starting out sounding like a simple acoustic ballad, as layers slowly materialize throughout until the drop that makes “Purity” one of Jadu Heart’s most danceable songs yet. It’s a strangely perfect combination of the sounds from The Gloom That Looms and just makes me hungry for more. I’m crossing my fingers that Jadu Heart are building towards an LP, but at this point only time will tell. While I wait to find out, I’ll keep “Purity” on repeat and I recommend you do the same. Check it out below or click HERE to see the stunning video. Make sure you’re on board with one of the most exciting bands out there if you’re not already.

LÉON // You and I

You and I.jpg

It’s been a long road for Swedish pop artist LÉON. She’s been releasing music for years now, earning spots on tip lists throughout. Despite some label drama, LÉON is now gearing up to release her debut self-titled album on March 1st and it’s shaping up to be an incredible body of work. I always have a bit of a pet peeve when an artist releases an album that’s essentially a collection of everything they’ve shared so far, and thankfully that’s not the route LÉON is taking. She is including her previous two releases, “Baby Don’t Talk” and “Falling” (listen HERE and HERE), but other than that, we’re getting a lot of new music. On Friday we got our newest taste with the superb You and I. LÉON has a way of making pop music that’s simultaneously accessible but still interesting and forward-thinking, and that’s exactly what we have with “You and I”. With a pulsating, driving beat, choral backing vocals, and of course LÉON’s gorgeous, almost husky voice, it has the makings of a hit. I’ve never thought LÉON has gotten the attention she deserves, but I hope this track leading into what I’m sure will be an excellent album will put her in the spotlight even more. Be sure to check out “You and I” below, or click HERE to see the excellent video, and be on the lookout for LÉON on March 1st.

Cautious Clay // HONEST ENOUGH

Honest Enough

Cautious Clay is easily one of the most prolific artists making music at the moment. Every since his debut track, “Cold War”, back in 2017, he’s been more than steadily releasing music, including two excellent EPs and a handful of other singles. Now it seems he’s building to another release, following December’s “Reasons” (listen HERE) and last week’s Honest Enough. Like his previous track, “Honest Enough” sees Clay trying out some new things musically. It’s definitely one of his most subdued tracks, but still maintains the characteristic sound that makes him so special. Complete with dense harmonies, forward-thinking production, and a gorgeous vocal performance, “Honest Enough” has everything I expect from Clay while still mixing it up. I put Cautious Clay on my list of Artists to Watch 2019 and he’s already proving exactly why he belongs there. With an ever growing fanbase (he has over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone), I can’t wait to see where he’s going to be at the end of the year. Be sure to check out his releases so far, and give a listen to “Honest Enough” below.