joan // stop and stare

stop and stare

I’ve been following Arkansas-based duo joan since the release of their debut track, “take me on”, last year. Since then, the pair have shared a string of excellent singles that have slowly been building to the release of their debut EP, portra, this week. The EP collects every track in their discography and throws in a new one and an excellent chilled version of “take me on”. The entire EP is worth your attention, but today I want to zoom in on their brand new track, stop and stare. joan have become known for their fresh take on 80s-indebted electropop, full of nostalgia but still looking to the future, and “stop and stare” is absolutely no exception. In fact, it’s one of my favorites they’ve shared so far. Full of throwback synths and instrumentation reminiscent of Toto’s “Africa”, “stop and stare” ticks all the boxes for me. The entire EP is obviously worth your attention, so be sure to check out “stop and stare” below (or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify) and then give the rest a listen as well.


Sigrid // Schedules


Sigrid continues to deliver pop smash after pop smash. Over the last several months, she’s been building to the release of her sophomore EP, Raw, by steadily releasing the five songs. So far, all of them have been incredible tracks that are sonically diverse but still totally accessible. From the low key ballad “I Don’t Want to Know” (check it out HERE), to the all out anthem “High Five” (HERE), Sigrid has shown her ability to tackle all facets of pop music with expertise. This week she’s unleashed the final track of the EP, Schedules, and it’s another one you’re not going to want to miss. Finding itself in the vein of some of the tracks that put her on the map, “Schedules” has booming synths, a beat that will get you moving, and of course Sigrid’s raw (no pun intended) and powerful vocals. It’s an excellent way to close out the EP and makes it one of the most exciting releases of the year so far. Be sure to check out “Schedules” below or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify, and then go check out the rest of the EP, you won’t be disappointed.

ARIEL // All Night

All Night.jpg

It might still be early days for London-artist ARIEL, but if her debut track, All Night, is any indication, she’s definitely going to be making an impact. It’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out in a crowded pop field lately, but that’s exactly what ARIEL has done on her first release. “All Night” is a belter of a tune which excellently highlights ARIEL’s powerful vocals while laying down a soundscape that will draw you in right away. It’s rare that a track, especially a debut, so elegantly shows off raw talent and a forward-thinking sonic aesthetic, but “All Night” does it with ease. It’s clear from this track that ARIEL has tons of potential and I can’t wait to see what she does next. In the meantime, be sure to check out “All Night” below and get on board.

True Adventures // Brasil


True Adventures has a way of songwriting that sounds instantly classic but still completely fresh. After debuting a few years back with “North Atlantic Ocean”, we had to wait a while until he shared follow up, “Down the Line”, back in February (check it out HERE). The combination of the two tracks got me very excited about what’s in store for True Adventures, with the former track showing off a fairly subdued, acoustic sound, while the latter is considerably more upbeat and filled out. Now True Adventures is back with Brasil which finds itself somewhere in the middle. It’s a heartbreakingly beautiful track full of nostalgia and longing. The building instrumentation definitely keeps things interesting, especially the trumpet solo near the end, but it’s the vocals that (deservedly) steal the show. I’m so happy to have new music from True Adventures and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Check out Brasil below or click HERE to check out the video.

SG Lewis & Clairo // Better


SG Lewis is having an incredible year so far, releasing the first phase of his debut album, Dusk, back in April, which included the excellent tracks “Aura” and “Coming Up”, both of which I covered on blog. Check them out HERE and HERE. Gearing up for what I assume is the release of phase two, Lewis has teamed up with rising DIY star Clairo, who is also building off the success of her own release, her EP, diary 001. When I first heard about the collaboration, I was a little skeptical seeing as how SG Lewis has a very polished, danceable sound, while Clairo is known for her much more raw aesthetic. However, I’m happy to be proven extremely wrong with the end result, Better. The track successfully draws out the best of both parties involved to make something unique for both artists and super enjoyable to listen to. Be sure to check out “Better” below and get on board with both artists now.

Boniface // Dear Megan

Dear Megan

I’ve been covering Canadian artist Micah Visser, AKA Boniface, since the release of his debut track “I Will Not Return as a Tourist” back in September (check it out HERE). Since then, he’s followed up with a string of excellent tracks, including my favorite so far, the much more subdued “Again & Again” (check it out HERE), which showed off another side to his sound and definitely made his stock rise as far as staying power is concerned. This week he’s back with another new track, and it’s again one you won’t want to miss. Dear Megan is probably the poppiest effort we’ve heard from Boniface yet, and it’s a great sound for the rising star. I don’t usually go for guitar-led indie pop, but if more of it sounded like “Dear Megan”, I would definitely be more of a fan. Be sure to check out “Dear Megan” below and get on board with Boniface now.

Vasser // Blind Faith Talking

Blind Faith Talking

Vasser is definitely one of the artists I’m most excited about at the moment. Last year he released his debut EP, A Telling End, an incredible collection of genre bending music that truly solidified him as one of my Artists to Watch. The pressure was certainly on to see how he would follow up and so far he’s absolutely exceeded expectations. He shared “Valerians” back in April as our first taste of new music in 2018 and with it came the announcement of his sophomore, self-titled EP (check it out HERE). Well this past Friday he shared it and it’s definitely an EP you’ll want to check out. Along with “Valerians” come two more new tracks that are worth your time, but today I want to focus on Blind Faith Talking. The track continues Vasser’s trend of more melody/vocal driven music with great success. His signature forward thinking production is still all over it, but with a stronger element of accessibility that I think could definitely get even more people on board with what he’s doing. Vasser is making incredible music at the moment and I can’t wait to see what he does next. In the meantime, check out “Blind Faith Talking” below and then go back and listen to the rest of his discography so far.